Private Label

Start Your Own Business

Our platform makes you the Reseller your own phone company. Now companies like you can offer a more feature-rich cost-effective solution than the bigger providers. Everything to the outside world whether it be to your customers or partners is branded as you. The platform brings all of the infrastructures you need to sell, provision, and manage the service branded totally as your company. This allows you to spend all your time leveraging the brand and relationships you have created to build your business.

  • Setup your account online within minutes
  • Access 24/7 from anywhere at anytime
  • The Best Customer Services
  • Reliable Platform

We got you covered



You focus on sales and marketing, while we provide you the best technology.



You'll be directly connected with hundreds of mobile operators within minutes.


Small Businesses

Now you can offer a more feature-rich cost-effective solution than the bigger providers.

Anytime from Anywhere

Intuitive systems & interfaces to create and manage your distribution network.

Web Application

Capture your market, take full control of your business with the distributor portal.

Mobile Application

All your customers will have the ease to sell mobile top ups and pinless from their mobile phone, from anywhere in the world!

IVR System

Sell mobile top up and pinless over the phone without the need of Internet.

Have questions? look here.

Minimal. You just need to know how to use a browser.You just need a computer or tablet connected to internet.
Yes, definitely. To communicate and inform your client in real time of the recharges status, we also offer SMS and email notifications in white label.
Tell us the domain name you want to use. That's all.