Platform Features

We develop it for you


Responding to the need for a non-fragmented open systems solution to simplify the complexities of mobile commerce, PT drew on its extensive background in all facets of information system design and implementation to develop APBDEV which is truly open, flexible and scalable solution with a proven track record in long distance carrier, financial grade billing and payments technologies to processors of any size and capacity.

APB BackOffice

The APB BackOffice consists of several modules and numbers of innovative functions to manage all the services and systems.

Agent Portal

The Agent Portal connects mobile network operators and retail distributors for the sale of international mobile airtime.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal connects mobile network operators and ends customers for the buy of international mobile airtime.


The API allows external customers to connect to the APBDev platform from their system to perform transactions from anywhere at any time.

ILD Pinless

The APBDev VOIP Private Label ILD solution is a mobile telecom account management solution designed specifically to provide you with full real time control on your voice business, empowering you to proactively manage your voice minutes’ termination. It features Instant, Gold and Platinum. levels of termination through global direct interconnects providing the highest quality call termination to maximize your profits. At APB we understand the critical component of your business is providing your customers with clean service quality for the majority of the calls answered at great ASRs, and that quality on-the-go service lowers customer service calls.